Eddels is a Shoe Manufacturer and Marketer that has been providing South African consumers with quality footwear for over one hundred years. The Company is famous for brands such as John Drake, QC, Riccardo, Aeroflex and Freedom.

Eddels has thrived by adhering to the following basic tenets:

  • The customer is the most important person in our life
  • We can flourish only by providing value in quality and service to customers and to their customers in turn
  • We aspire to be an exemplary citizen by obeying the law, conducting business transparently and complying with good governance principles
  • We consider it our duty to keep footwear manufacture in South Africa by providing training, supplies and services unobtainable from overseas
  • We respect our employees and consider them as our most valuable asset

Eddels is the only footwear manufacturer in the world with the ability to:

  • Manufacture to lead times of less than a week
  • Replenish sold styles and sizes without risky big stock back-ups
  • Change orders within a week of delivery due to market dynamics
  • Eliminate retailers’ risks to revenue of write-downs and out-of stocks

Eddels is Level 4 BBBEE compliant, regularly audited by international auditors, actively participates in SAFLIA activities, is a core participant in the joint Clothing/Footwear Cluster and has the most complete training centre for the footwear industry on campus, registered with the CTFL SETA.


Eddels’ Vision is to be the core footwear supplier to the Retail Industry in South Africa as well as to countries to the North.


The Company Mission is to counter the flood of inferior imports by reducing risk to retailers and eliminating waste and write-downs within the supply chain while supplying them with cutting edge through totally reliable products and brands.